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Charge For Financial Planning



$2,500 (each) 

Single Planning Objective:

Retirement Income Planning

Education Planning

Investment Risk Analysis

Estate Planning

Family Education

Insurance Policy Review and Recommendations




Typically Suited For:

$1 to $5 Million Gross Estate

$250k or less Annual Income (W2, 1099)

401(k) Retirement Accounts, 529 Plans, UGMA, UTMA




Typically Suited For:

$5 to $10 Million Gross Estate

$250k to $500k Annual Income (S or C Corp, K1)

Family Trust, Simple Business Interest, Rental Property




Typically Suited For:

$10 Million+ Gross Estate

$500k+ Annual Income (Complex Sources)

Advanced Objectives, Complex Business Interests, and Special Circumstances


Hourly consulting is available and is a great way to get some quick answers to the financial questions you have.  It is also a short term engagement as a way to get to know us and our firm. 

Topics can include but are not limited to:

Tax Planning

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate and Trust Planning

Cash Flow/Budget Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Business Succession

Education Planning

Insurance Planning

Consulting Rates:

Available at $350.00 per hour.

Portfolio Management Rates

Cost transparency is very important to us. We want our clients to understand the rate they’re paying.

Below is an approximate breakdown of the expenses you can expect to pay when working with us:


Annual Rate

Less than $250,000


$250,000 - $749,999         


$750,000 - $1,249,999


$1,250,000 - $4,999,000




Advisory account clients pay an annualized fee (“Account Fee”) for services rendered by Vintage Financial Partners. The Account Fee is based on the value of assets in the account, including cash holdings, and is payable quarterly in advance.  The initial Account Fee is due at the beginning of the quarter following account inception and will include the prorated fee for the initial quarter in addition to the standard quarterly fee for the upcoming quarter. Account Fees will be assessed at the beginning of each quarter based on the account value as of the close of business on the last business day of the preceding quarter. Additional deposits and withdrawals will be added or subtracted from portfolio assets on a prorated basis to adjust the Account Fee.  Some transaction fees are passed on to our clients and could be higher in the first year as our strategy is implemented.

* The fee schedule above is for new individual clients of Vintage Financial Partners who meet the minimum asset management requirement and who are assigned an advisor to assist them with financial planning and investment management objectives. This fee schedule is not necessarily in place for institutional/401(k) management or other ancillary business areas.