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Get a Second Opinion

No Fee, No Stress, No Obligation

Is your current financial plan in alignment with your goals? Are your investments performing as well as they could be? Is your advisor giving you the best possible advice? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, we’d be happy to take a look and give you a complimentary second opinion. Assessing where you are now and where you’re trying to go, we’ll let you know if you’re in good shape or if there are any missed opportunities you might want to consider. Once you collect your financial documents click on the link below to schedule a time to speak.

Our goal is to provide a complimentary second opinion using 3 easy steps.


We want to make sure we understand the planning you have completed, both with a professional or on your own, and your tolerance to risk so we can make sure the plan in place makes sense with your goals.

If you have not explored the Risk Assessment section of our website, you can find it HERE.


We will review your plan to make sure everything currently being done for you is in alignment with your goals, makes sense according to the market, and makes sense according to your tolerance for risk. 

In addition, we will look over the fees you are paying and make sure they are justified with the services you are receiving.


-If your current financial plan is on track, we will let you know. 

-If some minor adjustments should be made, we will offer that suggestion.

-If significant improvements are needed, we will offer our services to do so.

Honest and transparent advice is our core foundation.  Our community is being adversely affected by the global pandemic. We would like help as many people as possible.  If the only way we can do so is by offering a second opinion, we welcome that opportunity.