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Our firm treats work as more than just what we do to make a living; we look at every potential new colleague not as an employee but as someone we’d want to share our lives with. We work with each other and not for each other.  We insist that the people we work with are considerate and have a high sense of personal accountability to do the difficult, right things. We look for people with generous natures and high standards of fairness.

We are passionate about helping our clients and helping our peers, and we welcome the opportunity to meet you if your motivations are the same. There are a variety of ways that we can work together.

  • Are you a Client Service Professional?
    You are passionate about supporting financial professionals to have a meaningful impact on the financial lives of others. Considering your values, abilities, and skills, we look for those traits in that order.
  • Are you a Financial Advisor at an institution or wirehouse?
    You are in the middle of your career and plan on working for another decade or more. You are currently with a more prominent firm, and the idea of starting and running a business while being a financial planner isn’t appealing. But you know deep down that your goals, your family’s goals, your client’s goals, and the firm’s goals do not always align.
  • Are you an Independent Financial Advisor?
    You have a staff of only you, or you have a team in place. You are concerned about your clients’ long-term future should something happen to you, and you are worried about your staff should something happen to you. You have built a great business and an excellent lifestyle for yourself and those employed with you. But you know that your practice is not designed to run and last for the next 30 years.
  • Are you looking for a Protégé?  Have you considered an Encore Career?
    You are a financial advisor looking back on a lifetime of work and dedication to those who have meant the most to you. The idea of simply walking away isn’t appealing because you have concerns: Who will take care of my clients the way I have for so many years?

Set up a time for us to talk below. We are very transparent with our clients and with each other.