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Estate and Transition Planning

Survivor’s Checklist

The death of a loved one is an emotional time and can become overwhelming when coupled with handling funeral arrangements and personal affairs.  To assist in understanding the various items to be addressed, we have created a checklist that we have found helpful.

Survivor's Checklist

Our Vintage Approach

Our firm is passionate about helping families navigate through challenging events.  The term "Estate Planning" is overused, and many advisors include Estate Planning as part of their overall value proposition.  The tagline that we often hear is, "We work with attorneys and other estate planning professionals, on your behalf, to create sound, tax-efficient transfer strategies, to give you and your loved one's peace of mind."

Vintage Financial Partners looks to provide more insight into the overall process. As members of the Estate Planning Council of Montgomery County, Maryland, and the Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council, we are constantly gaining valuable knowledge from our peers within these organizations.

Design and build a legacy.

A proper estate plan will re-title assets and transfer ownership according to your predetermined wishes. Many people assume that the sole purpose of their estate plan is to minimize tax.  However, a sound estate plan should address issues such as:

  • Who will manage your affairs if you are unable?
  • Does your estate plan address the unique needs of family members?
  • If you have children or minor beneficiaries, do you want to maintain control over how they benefit from your wealth?

We will assist you in considering these and other issues. Through a thoughtful assessment of your intentions, we will work with you and your estate planning attorney to design a plan that meets all your needs and objectives. We will then continue to work with your attorney, monitor the progress, and support those named in a future role.


Help your beneficiaries.

Everyone will not have a taxable estate. Tax laws change regularly, and the value of your home, business, and other assets will change too. Ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of emotionally and financially is a top priority for individuals and families. If you have a taxable estate, our planning process will implement strategies to mitigate a potential estate tax and hopefully increase the amount to be passed to your loved ones.


Start planning early.

The perception that you do not need an estate plan until you are nearing retirement is not accurate. Regardless of your age, having a thoughtful plan is necessary to control the final disposition of your assets and ensure they pass to the intended beneficiaries and provide care for loved ones.

Planning for the unexpected can be uncomfortable, but life is full of uncertainties.  A well-executed estate plan can mitigate the risks of an unforeseen event and prioritize intentions for the ultimate beneficiaries. It is not only your responsibility, but ours as well, to implement an effective plan.  The good news is that by working with an advisor at Vintage Financial, we will guide you through the journey.