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Second Opinion Service

We care for our clients and we care about those important to them.

We continually have people directed our way that are simply unsure of their current financial situation, and/or have investments which they believe need attention. For these reasons, as a valued client, we extend our second-opinion service to your trusted friends, family, and associates. This service is meant to offer your relationships, at no charge to them, a commitment-free glimpse at the care and guidance you have come to expect.

Our goal is to provide them a constructive second opinion using 3 easy steps.


The first step will be to understand the goals and objectives as well as any planning that has taken place up until this point.  Part of this discussion will revolve around the amount of risk to be taken according to their circumstances.

Our risk assessment tool can be found HERE.


Next, we will review the overall plan and verify the probability of achieving their goals according to their level of risk, existing allocation and cash flow needs.  In addition, we will review the fees being paid and make sure they are justified with the services they are receiving.


-If their current financial plan is on track, we will let them know. 

-If some minor adjustments should be made, we will offer that suggestion.

-If significant improvements are needed, we will offer our services to do so.

Honest and transparent advice is our core foundation.